St Olavsloppet Virtual Run


St Olavsloppet, established in 1988, is the biggest long-distance relay race in the Nordic region. It runs between Östersund in Sweden and Trondheim in Norway. The event goes on for four days and the total distance is 337 km.

In 2021, due to the Corona pandemic, the race is arranged as a virtual race during week 26 (June 28th to July 3rd).

How it works

You can participate in a team or run individually. You can choose to run one, two, three or four days. The participants run the corresponding lengths of the legs as in the physical race. You can find the length of all 51 legs here.

You can run any of the legs wherever you are, as long as the length of the leg is the same as in the physical race. Every participant takes the time of their leg/s. If you are part of a team, you inform your team leader about your time/times. In the end, the team leader reports all leg times to the organizer.

It is not important to complete the legs in a specific order. Our only demand is that they are ran during Monday to Saturday during week 26.


When you apply, please let us know:

  • Team name or name of individual participant
  • Phone number to contact person

Application is sent by e-mail to at the latest Thursday, June 17th 2021.

Application fee

The application fee is 1 500 SEK. Please note that the price for a whole team is the same as for one individual (if you participate alone). Payment should be made with the application.

Swedish participants: SWISH 123 676 69 01 or bankgiro 5837-5098

Foreign participants : Bank: Länsförsäkringar Bank, Box 367, 831 25 ÖSTERSUND
IBAN-number: SE35 9020 0000 0902 4382 8049
Reciever: St Olavsgruppens ideella förening, Ösavägen 30, 836 94 ÅS, Sverige

The application fee includes a diploma to the team and diplomas to all participants.

Prize draw

Publish an inspiring photo on instagram and tag it with @stolavsloppet and #stolavsloppet after you have completed your leg and you will be part of a prize lottery. You need an open profile on instagram to participate.


Please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail to if you have any questions about the St Olavsloppet Virtual Run.

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